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Mette - 09/26/00 22:39:18
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Hello- You write lovely poems.That is a great gift to have! I am a new member of "Kind and Caring People", and I started the tour with your site.My husbands family is trying to locate a gr.gr.grandfather who emigrated to USA from Norway. Maybe you can give us some ideas on how to search? Regards, Mette =^..^=

Carol Matossian - 09/02/00 01:31:58
My Email:carolm@san.rr.com

You have a very nice website. I enjoyed reading about your family history.My gggrandmother's sister married a Westfall. I did't see any connections.

Sue...Bluu - 08/25/00 02:17:57
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Hi there Walter, had to come buy and read some of your poetry, which I found to be very soothing and comforting....I can't tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtfullness and e-mails and again thank you for keeping my in your prayers...An RAOK Bud.... luu

Random Acts of Kindness

Erick Westfahl - 08/07/00 21:50:06
My Email:ErickWCI@aol.com

Nice web site, I would like to see the coat of arms , and family crest, do you have a picture, or file of some sort of it? I am doing some digging on our family past, but the spelling is a little more rare. any info, i would apreciate it!

Elizabeth - 08/07/00 21:45:28
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Dear Friend in Christ- I will be coming back here soon,as I would like to complete your family history. In Christ- Elizabeth

Alan Westfall - 08/01/00 19:40:46
My Email:awestfall@msn.com

Enjoyed you web page. I am a relative of Jurian Westfall. Born in W.VA now in St. Louis. Noticed some difference in spelling, birth dates etc. in your notes. I will pass some of these on so we can compare notes. Nice Job!

linda ackerman - 07/15/00 03:09:26
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this site has probably made alot of people happy..my aunt did our family 5 years ago..and it was wonderful....god bless

Bob Oliverio - 06/12/00 15:59:29
My Email:boliverio@aol.com

Very interesting.7 gen descendant of JurianBobO

Rebecca Lane - 05/31/00 02:52:13
My Email:Beckthoven133@cs.com

I have realy enjoyed reading your website and viewing the pictures. As I read your memories I can remember some of the times we visited your farm and I remember the chickens running freely as you described. It is very neat. Thank you for allowing me to v sit it.

Dianne Fry - 05/25/00 03:41:59
My URL:http://pages.ivillage.com/re/dortha989/index.html
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Dear Walter ,you have a lovely collection of poems but I did'nt spend enough time here so will return I am just passing through in the Friendship Parade and wishing you a great and happy day.I would indeed be honoured if you signed your page on my free fo all links page as your site is so lovely.Take Care Dianne xx

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R Kelly - 04/09/00 00:44:29
My Email:rl_kelly@yahoo.com

My mother's maiden name is Westfall. I'm just starting on her family history with the help of my cousins in Virginia.Nice web site!

Rici - 02/25/00 20:34:28
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My Email:msblusmn@pacbell.net

Hi Walter! I was returning your visit to my site and got lost in your stories here! We almost share a birthday too, mine is 6/27. Post outdoor plumbing days though! I could feel my old life in the country days again, thank you! hugs, Rici

Carol Fimiani - 02/25/00 05:19:19
My Email:cfimiani@aol.com

One question. What happened to my gggg-grandfather, John Westfall, Sr. Born ca. 1724 and died 1789 in Hardy Co. Westfall? He is a son of Abel also.

Wilma Westfall Rapp - 01/31/00 05:37:14
My Email:wilmawestfall@yahoo.com

My Grandfather is Perry A.Westfall that moved west. Your history of the family has helped a lot...Jesse James story was the link that convincened me we are indeed related and that i was told we were Dutch and we are also short... I'm 4'11".....I have family photo's to share...

Sandy Zentgraf - 01/31/00 02:39:29
My URL:http://home.earthlink.net/~sandysstudio
My Email:sandysstudio

Dear Walter, how times have changed and some of your childhood memories are familiar even today's young folks would never believe the stories. I just loved your description of the young life and you might share now before you forget. That was a jewel. I must say you do love color, it does brighten one's day to see how someone else lived years ago, but yet even today there are some with no modern items. Your story was so interesting and I enjoyed your thoughts of just how those days were at that time. I want to thank you for your spirit many days when I needed a lift. I want to thank you for your keeping in touch during times when I was down and needed a lift. As we all look for tomorrow and share our yesterdays with others, life becomes more precious to see the beauty of strangers who become close friends. I have met many and I cherish each one and hold them dear to my heart. My best to you, in life's journey today and tomorrow. Love, and always with pen in hand, Sandy

jeremiah westfall - 01/28/00 15:40:09
My Email:jay_westfall@hotmail.com

hey your page is very informational im from west virginia and i have no clue if we are related down the line i do know that my famliy has strong ties to that part of germany.

Don Westfall - 11/14/99 18:44:56

Thanks for the site. I enjoyed the information and its documentation. I have found information which can be different; Westfals were in Mecklenburg/Pommern from the 1400's {supposed to have been colonization by Westfalian princes} "History of Stettin" Wehrmann: 1911

Don Westfall - 11/14/99 18:40:36


Luke Westfall - 11/12/99 23:53:00
My Email:sky30luke@netscape.net

Walter, We traced our family back to Jacob(possibly Cornelius Jr. brother). Jacob was born in October 10,1755 in Hampshire County,VA. Their is a monument to him in Crawfordsville, IN, He was in the 8th Virginia regiment. Luke

Jill Kershner - 10/01/99 18:28:51
My Email:arborator67@cs.com

Hello, I'm so happy I found your website. My husband's great-great-grandparents were William H and Martha (Westfall) Valentine. If I'm not mistaken, Martha's parents were Jacob and Elizabeth. I haven't been able to get any further back then Jacob and E izabeth but now I can. Thanks so much putting all of this information on a website. Sincerely, Jill Kershner (arborator67@cs.com)

Rick Delp - 09/15/99 14:43:22
My Email:rdelp1@cs.com

your site has helped greatly, my great grandfather was joe Kraushaar.

Fiona - 07/25/99 04:23:55
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/3258

Hi Walter :-) Thank you for inviting me to read about your childhood memories! I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish I had grown up in that time :-) I too can recollect things from when I was about 2 years old and I was happy to see that I'm not the only one! It has often been said that we remember moments from a very young age if they have been happy ones or the opposite. I'm glad to know that your recollections are so joyous :-) Well you know I'm a big fan of your poetry but I'd like you to know that I thi k you have done an equally wonderful ~labor of love~ in creating these genealogy pages. Take care my friend and God Bless.. ~Lady Fiona~

Peter H.W. Kamin - 07/12/99 22:05:04
My URL:http://members.cymes.de/peterhwkamin/index.htm
My Email:peterhwkamin@cymes.de

Hi Walter, you have much any exellent websites here with many interesting informations. Von deinen seiten kontte ich einiges Mitnehmen. Schau mal in Goslar bei Familie Kamin vorbei. Herzliche Gruesse

Linda - 07/12/99 03:27:41
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/Sawadeeka/home1.html

Hi Walter, I have been visiting you for awhile and red some of your writings. Your mind travels in serene and beautiful places. I also read some of your childhood memories and i sometimes wish life was as it was then. Seems like more of the modern conveniences make iving as a family less convenient. Enjoyed my visit, will be back when i need to be uplifted. Thankyou for sharing, and for your visit to my home. Linda

Sandy - 07/05/99 00:50:52
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/in/sandyb
My Email:sandisandpaper@webtv.net

You have a very nice site. Nice poems, writings, I like the one called bad days. That is so true. Many of them were very good. Thank you for visiting my site.

M. Westfall - 06/26/99 22:30:56
My Email:westfall@interpac.net

Aloha Walter, Enjoyed your site. I too am a descendent of Jurian Westfall. I'm in the 12th generation. Here's is my line (I'll work backwards). Me (12), Charles (11), Eldridge (10), Sampson (9), James (8), John (7), Joel (6), Joel (5), Jacob (4), Jurian (3), Johanne (2), Juriaen (1). Not sure if you know this or not...the family has printed a HUGE book on our family's history. I couldn't find you or your father in it. If you're interested, contact me and I'll let you know how to get a copy. Good job on the site.< >

Mary Stewart - 06/25/99 11:43:25
My Email:StewarM1@Westat.com

I've just reveiwed your Westfall page. I must say I'm very impressed. I was raised on a dairy farm in PA in the late 50's and remember those milking days very well. I had thought about putting my childhood memories on paper, but thought differently abo t it after awhile. However, now that I have read your childhood memories, I know now that this is something I want to leave my grandchildren. What a "Great" family page. Congratulations on a job WELL DONE! Mary

Donna Jones - 06/16/99 12:32:35
My Email:dmjones@attcanada.net

My grand mother was Rozella Westfall D. 1945 & m. Robert Perry Comer they lived in Kayford, W. Va. I have been unable to find out any information on the net about either one of them. any help woull be appreciated. I know they had at least 4 kids, my father Jordan, maggie, lynnox, leanord thanks

Bill & Brenda - 06/08/99 02:36:51
My Email:Bjbab1@aol.com

Walter,We loved your childhood memories!! you have a very good memory!Bill & Brenda

Kaye - 05/22/99 19:16:27
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~KDezamo1/index.html
My Email:KDezamo@aol.com

Wow, Walter, you have surely done your homework! THis ia a great site. Informative & interesting. I have bookmarked it to visit again. Have a great day!

carolyn westfall keister - 05/18/99 03:20:15
My Email:ckeister @intelos.net

visted your sight,really like it .i'm reshearching the "westfall's". micheal is my gr gr gr grandfather,issac was his father.

Shirley Gnagy - 05/17/99 03:39:36
My Email:shirlgy@jps.net


Pauline Doucet - 05/03/99 03:24:30
My URL:http://webhom e.idirect.com/~poet
My Email:poet@idirect.com

HI again Walter. Just read most of your family history, interesting reading. About sports--I like football and baseball{Toronto Blue Jays} I like golf and curling I love to watch the Olympics,both summer and winter ones, skiing, luge. really the only sports that I don't like are hockey,basketball and tennis. Keep up the good work Walter. {have you seen the LaPointe Family Archives when you visited? see ya. take care. Pauline

Tyler Brown - 03/28/99 06:27:04
My Email:www.randy3@ mail.frontier.net

I liked your page. I am JoAnn's grandson. Randy's son.

Brenda - 03/21/99 20:50:19
My Email:Bjbab1@aol.com

Nice site!!!

alana - 02/18/99 02:44:15
My URL:http://w ww.angelfire.com/nc/victorian
My Email:aj@grits.net

I'm enjoying this site. I've always been interested in researching my family's history. How interesting. I've also been to your other place and read some of your poems. You are quite good.

Val - 02/09/99 06:40:52
My URL:http://www .powerup.com.au/~walelia/
My Email:walelia@powerup. com.au

Thanks very much for signing my guestbook. I have really enjoyed my visit to your site, you have done a wonderful job, I found your links extremely interesting. Good luck on your search for your Family.

Andy Stevens - 02/03/99 01:43:00
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/9208 My Email:1kidof theking@thecoffeehouse.com

You have done a good job on your homepages:-) Are you from NYS? We used to live in Western NY 23 yrs ago.. I dont follow Sports a whole lot, but I do love Jesus!

Anita - 01/20/99 23:08:46
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~AnitaT/anitat-index. html
My Email:starshine1@home.com

Dear Walter, Your love and many many hours of hard work show throughout your geneology site! Your work is very impressive...amazing how far back you have gone! It must have taken alot of research to find all this info. Being an adoptee...it really makes me wonder just where my family came from. I pray that one day, I will find out. *Smile* God bless you...Anita

Joseph Mckenzie - 01/18/99 01:05:14
My Email:joe_mckenzi e@mindspring.com

I have WESTFALLS on my wifes side, I just wrote to Grant County West virginia For the death record of Michael WESTFALL in 1884 and the record has his parents listed as Michael WESTFALL and Mary. Michael WESTFALL and Mary HELMICK were married in Nov. 1803 in now West Virginia. Everyone has the father of Michael WESTFALL as Isaac WESTFALL. I think you have my Isaac Westfall listed on your homepage. By the way the homepage is nice. Joe Mckenize 1056 Idlewild Dr. N Dunedin , Florida 34698

woody - 01/17/99 08:43:37
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like your site.

End Time Ministries - 12/31/98 20:17:59
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Just saying hello from the Garden State, New Jersey! Be Blessed!

Maryann - 12/23/98 03:13:06
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May your Holidays be filled with JOY!

Please accept my invitation to visit...anytime.

RAT - 12/13/98 15:04:25
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Nice page. I like the things you have done with it.I'll visit regularly.

Florence Shirakawa - 12/02/98 23:24:12
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Hi :) ! Thank you for wishing me luck on my major exam! Your support means a lot to me! I also wanted to let you know that I love the beauty that is your web page! Keep up the great work :) !
Florence *bushy tail swishing happily in the wind* :) !

Betty - 11/28/98 07:48:46
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Hi,thanks for stopping by and signing my guestbook. Enjoyed my stay on your pages very much.


Steve Dykehouse - 11/26/98 01:54:41
My URL:http://www.iserv. net/~steved
My Email:steved@iserv.net

Hi Walter, Nice site. That ESPN scoreboard is really cool. I admire you in putting out the family history for the world to see. I have just added an "about me" page with a few old pictures at http://www.iserv.net/~steved/about.html I am linking to your site.


Ed - 11/25/98 23:31:57
My URL:http://www.compunet2. com

Great Web Page! I'll be sure to check back here in the future. Feel free to check out my web page sometime!

Barbara - 11/25/98 00:48:22
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~Barb4_2/gospel_song s.html
My Email:HeavenboundToo @webtv.net

Thanks for visiting me, and for signing my GB. I'm returnig the favor. Your site is so nice. It is interesting to read about your ancestors. Take care, and have a wonderful holiday. May God bless you. "Barbara"

Sharon - 11/24/98 22:38:37
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~wellholler/index.htm
My Email:nannysw@cococo.net

Hi Walter, Thank you for coming by and inviting me to your site. I enjoyed reading about your history and it sounds as though Lovie was quite a worker.

Jack - 11/23/98 20:11:59
http://www.geocities.com/heartland/pointe/1661 My Email:jhochadel@geoci ties.com

Thanks for visiting my Junkie Web Page. Ya'll come back and see me again.
Jacks Junk
Click the Banner to go to Jacks Junk. See ya there!

Trudy - 11/20/98 21:55:14
My URL:http://welcome.to/ counselor
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Hi Walter: Thank you for signing my website. Your page is unique and interesting. What we all have to offer, ah, on the InterNet, t'is just amazing.

My soul shall be satisfied in Him and my lips shall utter praises unto MyRedeemer.
Please, enjoy the following page "Praises...", may His name be glorified.
click here:

Southern Praise - 11/18/98 20:01:49
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Hi Walter!...Thanks for visiting our site...We really enjoyed our visit with you and want you to know that we're bookmarking it for our boys!...They love sports of all kinds and will find you and your links facinating!...Thanks so much for your kind words ..

kerry - 11/10/98 16:19:02
My Email:bulldog@page.az.net

i think im getting close thanks to your page thankyou kerry

Jane Power - 11/09/98 17:21:16
My Email:janerpower@aol.com

I like the page! Only thing that would make it better is if it had MY bunch on it!! Maybe soon? Thanks again for responding to my e-mail -- Jane

- 11/04/98 21:05:52


David & Melanie Moore, Jenna & Tyler - 10/21/98 01:59:42
My Email:
moore.david@m cleodusa.net

Hi Uncle Walter, The kids want to thank you for their birthday gifts. Jenna is saving hers and Tyler bought a beast wars toy. We are very impressed with your web page! We can keep in touch with you on-line, i've given you our e-mail. Take care and keep in touch Love Jenna, Melanie, and David and Love Tyler

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